5 meals for those 5 situations

This blog post addresses the five most common situations most women finds themselves in, according to Women’s Health Magazine, and the best meal that goes with them. I find it hard to argue with this list! Love them all (except the halibut, I’d rather go for something more pleasing, like salmon).

The Situation:
Breakfast the First Morning After

Perfect Meal to Make:
Cinnamon-Vanilla French Toast with Bacon

This French toast fills the air with vanilla and cinnamon, two scents that have apparently proven to help trigger arousal (round two after breakfast?). Throw some bacon in the oven (splurge on a premium variety) to add protein for stamina, as well as a salty counterpoint to the sweet.

The Situation:
Meeting His Parents

Perfect Meal to Make:
Classic Roast Chicken

If you prepare a dinner that’s too fancy, they might wonder if you think you’re too good for them. But if it’s too down home, they may think you’re not good enough for him! The solution? A beautiful roast chicken, with baby potatoes and colorful steamed veggies such as carrots, green beans, or broccoli. Agree with this whole-heartedly – there is nothing like a well roasted chicken that satisfies your tastebuds during a time that’s understandably very nerve-wracking.

The Situation:
You Need an Impressive (but Easy) Party Dish

Perfect Meal to Make:
Green Goddess Dip with Vegetables & Homemade Pita Chips

OK, so it’s not a meal exactly, but parties are always about several filling appetizers as opposed to big meals (unless its a pizza+burger type of party). Showing up with a crowd-pleasing signature appetizer will always inspire great praise. This surprisingly simple yet elegant dish fits the bill.

The Situation:
Important Business Dinner

Perfect Meal to Make:
Lemon-Tarragon Halibut en Papillote

The right meal (and the proper presentation) shows you’re sophisticated and serious about your career, and that you have creativity and flair. Sealing fish and vegetables en papillote (French for “in paper”) steams it gently, producing a foolproof moist result every time (and the ease of preparation and cleanup gives you more time to dazzle your guests.) While these ingredients complement each other nicely, you can vary the vegetables and fish according to what’s in season or your personal preference. I’d definitely go for salmon here, or even steer clear of fish altogether and go for something like lamb.

The Situation:
Your Best Friend’s Heart Has Just Been Trampled

Perfect Meal to Make: 
Chocolate Fondue

Screw eating ice cream out of the carton. Fondue is easy and comforting, and studies show that chocolate actually helps improve moods, so she’ll feel better right away. Chocolate is the star of the show, so buy the highest-quality bars and cocoa you can afford. A tiny bit of coffee, while optional, helps intensify the chocolate flavor.

Read the original article (with recipes!) here.


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