‘Coz summer trends aren’t restricted to women

Here are summer’s most fashionable menswear trends, reblogged from H&M Life. I disagree with some (leather shirts?! I can’t imagine anyone looking good in those) but I do love the rest!

50s Rockabilly 
Hit the drive-in wearing bowling shirts, biker jackets, pleated pants and a greased-back quiff. This look is sported mostly around sporty areas as well as coastal towns, though not on the beach itself.

Postman shorts 

This (literally) huge summer trend is for oversized uniform shorts that finish below the knee. I love these! My boyfriend loves wearing these and I must say they look pretty great. Very summer-ish.

Baroque swimwear 
Are those fancy silk scarves wrapped round your thighs? No, they’re your luxurious printed beach shorts! This is a look that I love but many men I know shy away from this – what’s the problem?

Hawaiian prints 
Totally tropical taste this season comes in the form of hibiscus flowers, cartoon guitars and hula girls. This trend never gets old, you can always see hawaiian prints throughout the world in coastal and tropical regions during the summer. And they look great on both men and women.

Leather t-shirts 
Only the genius behind Dior Homme could pimp out the humble tee in paper-thin black leather. Yea, check out the guy in the photo above. He doesn’t look half bad, but I still had to wrinkle my nose.

Desert traveller 
Look like you’ve survived the Sahara by mixing ethnic accessories with functional leggings and shirts. This is quite  touristy look – I only see men (and women sometimes) dressed like this when they’re traveling. Perhaps thats where the name came from.

White suits 
The only thing Yves Saint Laurent and Bottega Veneta don’t explain is how to keep them clean. I actually think white suits are stunning. When Liverpool FC (the team I support) recently announced a new design to their formal suits, a part of me secretly hoped that it would be white. It doesn’t suit all – thats the only problem. But when worn right and carried well, this can cause ladies to swoon all over you. FACT.

These lightweight cagoule-style hooded jackets are essential for fashionable men on the move. I somehow don’t think of this as a summer trend – its just a trend. It looks classy and is light and comfortable, but do we really need it in this gorgeous weather?


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