OOTD: Flair – the start of my personal style

Thrilled to get my personal style looks up! I just haven’t looked presentable recently and hence this late start. I’m excited to start off with my favorite sweater combo – this is one of my favorite looks and goes well with the current weather, where its sunny yet windy and slightly chilly in the evenings. I paired my favorite black sweater with a pair of loose flowy printed shorts – the flowy cloth makes it look like a skirt, which adds to the femininity of the entire outfit. I just didn’t feel like wearing shoes on that beautiful green grass, so I have bare feet here, but this can be matched with beautiful black ankle-length boots or strappy heels. Black pumps work too, depending on where you’re heading.

This look is not meant to be off the runway, nor is it meant for a grand occasion. It’s a casual outfit that has the added effect of looking classy – it definitely turns some heads!

Hope you guys like it 🙂

Sweater: Zara

Shorts: MTWTFSS Weekdays

Sunglasses: Vincci


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