A little more about me – my bucket list, part II

Part II of my bucket list wraps up the remaining goals that I have set for myself in my bucket list. See Part I here for the first 25.

Starting from number 26:

26. Walk along the Great Wall of China

We’re planning a family trip to China this summer actually – I did all the research and everything only to find that my family thinks summer in China would be awful, and hence climbing the Great Wall would be unbearable. For a group of people who’ve lived the tropical life throughout, how can Beijing suddenly become unbearable?! Anyway I’ve learnt you can’t argue with your parents. Trip = postponed.

27. Climb Sydney Bridge

While in Sydney, my dad and I braved the heights and climbed the bridge. The view from above was unparalleled. The Opera house, the people on the boats, the people along Darling Harbour…during sunset? Just can’t be described.

28. Donate an organ

I read somewhere last year that if every single person who dies in India donates their eyes, then blindness in India would be eradicated within 11 days. I was absolutely stunned. Why are people not doing this?! I have made up my mind to sign over any of my fully functioning organs, and have forced my parents and immediate family to do so too.

29. Participate in a Polar Bear Dip

This is absolutely crazy, and I think I may just chicken out. For those of you who don’t get this – you jump into freezing cold water with just your bathing suit on. Yikes.

30. Use my Nikon to take fantastic photos

Last birthday, my parents got me a Nikon, since I was really into photography. I wasn’t able to do much with it since I was in my final year of engineering (I don’t think I need to say more). Now I finally have the time to experiment – any tips?

31. Take a road trip in a foreign country

We did this in Australia. 29 days along the eastern coast covering Adelaide, Kangaroo Island, Melbourne, Sydney, Gold Coast and Brisbane.

32. Shower in a waterfall

India is full of waterfalls, and I’ve spent many a time bathing under them. The renewal one feels right after a splash in a waterfall is unparalleled!

33. Write a published article for a newspaper/magazine

This blog is a start! I would love to have one of my articles published – as of now I haven’t written anything worth publishing, coz after all this is just a casual blog. But I hope to have the opportunity someday…and if nothing, there’s always the editorials!

34. Feed a dolphin

Tangalooma, Australia, was the place. Dolphin feeding was a daily twilight activity, and I just had to give it a try. The dolphins were the cutest things ever – they were wild and hence we had to be careful, but they were used to taking fish from people on the island. It certainly was an adventure!

35. Hold a Koala

Again, its Australia to the rescue. I swear I’ve done some amazing things there. This was Lone Pine sanctuary in Brisbane – I’ve got a picture here.

36. Turn my blog into a weekly column

Similar to the above goal I suppose. Except weekly columns would probably go more with the tone of the blog.

37. See the Northern Lights

People say there’s nothing more beautiful in this world than the Northern Lights. That’s debatable of course. And I’d like to be eligible to join that debate.

38. Feature in a newspaper

Not as a journalist. I’d like to be mentioned for doing something, something that people read about. And I achieved this at the age of nine, when I took part in the interstate under-18 chess championships. I was number 9 at the end of the competition and was the only one from my school in the top 10. Big feat!

39. Design and build my own home

Last summer I visited a friend’s place in Berlin – and man! Her house was out of this world. Build from scratch based on her father’s designs, the house had everything one could possibly want, including a private swimming pool and sauna. Now I’m not saying I want the exact same thing (though it’s not like I’d turn it down if someone offered it to me) but the idea of designing your own house is pretty appealing.

40. Read the entire 1001 Arabian Nights

I have only read the introduction to this – Scheherazade’s wishes of spending a night with the King and asking if she could tell a story. I don’t know anything about what happens after that.

41. Get a tattoo

I’d decided this at the age of 16, but never found the time (or the nerve) to get this done. The picture below is a tattoo a friend got done.

42. Learn to surf

Pretty self-explanatory. I just have to be prepared to go completely underwater several times before I get it right. Which shouldn’t be a problem since I know how to swim.

43. Visit 40% of the UN countries

There are 196 countries part of the United Nations. I have currently visited a grand total of….18 countries. That’s approximately 9%. 40% means I have a long long way to go, but not all goals can be fulfilled overnight. I’m looking forward to traveling for the rest of my life. In fact, I’ve made a special world bucket list here.

44. Go hot-air ballooning

When I was little, I was at a gathering where a hot-air balloon was set free into the air. It was a test flight – the public weren’t allowed to purchase tickets to get on the balloon – and by the time they perfected the flight I had to leave the country. However I still got to watch the demo, and I really wanted to be in that balloon.

45. Adopt a child

The only reason I would want to have a child on my own is to experience labour at least once. I have always wanted to adopt – living in India has giving me a lot of opportunities to look at orphans, children of poorer standing, and seeing them not get benefits that we take for granted. I wouldn’t want to bring newer children into this world when I can use that time to help some of the existing ones. Not a fan of Brangelina at all, but I have to admire what they’ve done.

46. Sleep under the stars

I’m not a picky girl, but when I was younger I had a really bad experience with bullfrog (I won’t get into that, but it involves me waking up to see a bullfrog inches away from my face, and that has scarred me for life) and ever since then camping has never appealed to me due to the amount of insects (mosquitos seem to love my blood, no joke). However, sleeping under the stars sounds incredibly zesty, and I want to try this at least once.

47. Donate blood

This is difficult because I tend to find it very difficult to breathe at the sight of blood. Lying on a bed with a packet of blood next to me is probably not gonna help me at all – nurses discourage people like me from donating. However, I’m of the blood group that is compatible with all others (or most others, I don’t remember) and it seems a shame if I can’t donate somehow.

So that wraps up my bucket list! What’s in yours?


4 responses to “A little more about me – my bucket list, part II

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  2. Wow. I have to give it to you, it must have taken quite some time and serious effort on your part to come up with these. It’s very inspiring. Just the thought of making a list such as this makes me dizzy, let alone narrowing it down! Great to read and phenomenal goals. Good luck 🙂 -K

    • Thank you so much for reading! Yea it did take me a while, but the list is in no way complete. Thank you so much for your comments; I hope you’ll create a list too, and I look forward to reading it.

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