The end of an era – undergraduate studies, check!

It’s been a really hectic six months. After my Chinese New Year break, it just been work, work and more work. All that culminated in my final exams at the end of May – yet the feeling of finally being done with my undergraduate studies still hadn’t sunk in. Until yesterday.

Results day.

Which turned out to be results night, because I live in Malaysia and all results were released at 6 pm UK time, which was 1 am for me. Since 5 pm, I couldn’t get anything done, and whatever work I did, I just couldn’t put my heart into it. My friends and I spent the entire time online, refreshing the page where the results were supposed to appear. What was even more disconcerting was that a few students began getting their results from 5 pm itself, so there was nothing to tell me when I would get mine – I just had to stay at my computer, refreshing, refreshing. Every now and then a new Facebook or Twitter status would appear, announcing a graduate’s satisfaction at overcoming the hurdle that is an engineering course. And here I was, refreshing, refreshing.

Turns out I needn’t have worried. God was on my side and I passed with a first class honours degree in electronic and computer engineering. It has finally hit me that I’m graduating in less than two weeks, and it feels absolutely bittersweet. It’s the end of an era – I’ll be entering the corporate world in August this year, and the feeling that I’m growing up is imminent. I suppose it’s about time. I’ve worked before on internships, but this time it’ll be different. I won’t have studies on the side. Plus what I do, how I behave, and what others think of me, will all have a huge say in how I go forward from now on. I have to start being responsible. Sigh.

All this results stress however has led to three tiny pimples just above my left eyebrow. I’m not happy.

I couldn’t have done it alone. My parents, my friends, some colleagues, my professors, my project tutor, and everyone who has been helpful and supportive in one way or another. So many old friends I ignored because I didn’t have the time to hang out with them. So many emails left to reply to, so many messages waiting to be read. I’m sorry, but I know you guys understand. Thank you for the congratulatory phone calls, texts, messages and emails – I appreciate it, and love you all.

Graduation is going to be bittersweet too. The pride I’ll feel when I receive my degree would be contrasted heavily with the depressing fact that my classmates and I will all be going our separate ways. Less than 10% of them would stay on in Malaysia. I can foresee some tears, that’s for sure. Time to whip out that waterproof mascara.

All the free time since the beginning on the month means that I finally have the time for a blog. A proper well maintained, frequently updated blog that dabs on fashion, food, travel, and the occasional personal thoughts.

I have also found the time to organise my photos from my travels throughout the years, and I hope to document them here. Is it weird though, to discuss and post pictures of places I have been to years ago? Maybe, but I hope they will help those who are planning a trip abroad or those who need inspiration for a holiday.

Looking at photos are the best way to realise just how much time has passed. Weird haircuts, baggy clothes that were once in style, ripped jeans and long ponytails.

I’ve already uploaded two: York and Wales. Stay tuned for the rest!


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