Rio Fashion Week – The bikini

I feel like I should start off with an apology. My blog calendar shows that I haven’t posted a single piece since two weeks now, and never did I imagine that I would neglect my precious blog for various other things.

But 2012 has really been an action-packed summer – I’ve taken a trip to Bangalore (India), Barcelona (Spain) and next week I’m off to Macau and Hong Kong. My cousin came to visit from Singapore, for around a week, and I’ve been taking her around, literally acting as a tourist in a country where I’ve been living for the past ten years. I’m retaking my driving test (since my license expired when I went to the UK to study) and so have to learn to drive manual cars again. I’ve been catching up on my reading, after neglecting my literary senses for three years. Oh and also, I have been looking up second hand cars – my graduation present, apparently.

Best summer ever? Definitely.

Back to fashion though, and my blog today is based on an event that took place a few months ago – May 2012 to be precise. Rio Fashion Week hit the headlines for many reasons, but my favorite was their bikini. As Yahoo! asks, just how many variations can you spin off the marvel of simplicity that is the bikini? Turns out, the options are endless, and you’re only limited by your imagination.

Check out selected images below. Which one’s your favorite?

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