In the studio with Dior

Sorry fellas, but this is a post for the chicas 😉

Check out makeup techniques from featured Christian Dior artist Fredis. Click on the images (open them in a new tab) to read more about each makeup technique, and then watch the two videos (link given below) to see the makeup application in process.

Step 1: The perfect canvas – applying foundations, concealers, primers and powders. 

Step 2: The bold brow – highlighting colour and shape of eyebrows

Step 3: Shadow me – applying eye shadow

Step 4: Walk the line – highlighting your eyes with pencils and liner

Step 5: Lash me up – all about mascara

Step 6: You make me blush – highlighting cheekbones

Step 7: Get lippy – all about lipsticks, liners and gloss

The final look

Out of all the products shown in the photo tutorials, I only own the mascara and mascara primer, and I must say they’re absolutely gorgeous.

Watch the video tutorials below:

Christian Dior Tutorial 1

Christian Dior Tutorial 2


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