Weekly travel theme: On display

I happened to catch Ailsa’s travel blog Where’s My Backpack, which featured a weekly travel theme, and after seeing so many beautiful entries, I’ve decided to jump on the bandwagon! This week’s theme is On Display, and this is my interpretation:

Mini-europe, in Brussels

A photo collage on my bedroom wall, in Berlin

Waterlaken, in Brugge

A display unit, self-programmed to spell out ‘welcome’ when switched on, in Kuala Lumpur

At the Galleria food court dessert section in Alexanderplatz, in Berlin


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  8. I like this blog very much. I’m a follower of your weblog and wanna say thanks for all this interesting stuff on it. Please take a look at my website also??? Thanks!

    • Haha! I used to lunch there pretty often and would almost always start drooling when I reach the dessert section. Sometimes I’d skip lunch altogether to make room for more than one dessert!

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