Hakes mojito shoes

Julian Hakes, London.

Award winning London based architect Julian Hakes first released early concept images of the design for a new ladies fashion footwear concept on design blog http://www.dezeen.com. Later that evening Julian received a message from the editor of Dezeen to say it had gone viral’ and he should put his name into Google. Julian did this and to his amazement got halfway through ‘Ha….’ before Google prompted him to ‘buy Julian Hakes designed footwear?’

Within hours the story was snapped up by American blog http://www.gizmodo.com and registered in excess of 100,000 hits and streams of comments. Over that same weekend Hakes received press enquiries from agencies right around the globe. On the Monday after the story broke Julian received a call from the office of a well known female ex-model in New York requesting two pairs in her size for her show. At this stage the Hakes ‘mojito’ shoe was in initial sketch model and prototype form and they realised that they needed to make this concept into a reality.

Almost two years in development Hakes has been working to refine every delicate, sculptural curve and twist to make this a very light, comfortable and elegant design. Julian Hakes is proud to be an approved brand for Swarovski Elements and he has also recently been awarded the Drapers award for “Best Footwear Designer of the Year 2012”.

Hakes has now formed a joint venture with an international manufacturer and distributor responsible for some of the world’s top fashion footwear brands, and has made this design a reality.

What do you guys think of this?

Read more at http://fashionwatch.com/2012/news/julian-hakes-mojito-shoe.html#qFrUAAmCXYi8SzQe.99


4 responses to “Hakes mojito shoes

    • That sounds like a smart idea – I have no clue where my foot would go, actually. I’d love to give it a try though!

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