Review: Clinique – Turnaround concentrate visible skin renewer

I use plenty of Clinique products since my skin is quite oily. I received a few samples of the turnaround concentrate when I purchased the moisturiser, and I’ve been using it roughly twice a week.

The skin feels soft, smooth and supple, and looks slightly healthier. It removes blotchiness and evens the skin tone throughout the face, so its a great product if you’ve been away in the sun. The concentrate also contains small amounts of an acid that helps to clear away acne, so it is a must-use product no matter your skin type. It also works as a moisturiser, and hence can be worn under makeup for a smooth, non-greasy application.

Another thing I noticed is that if you have blackheads, they can easily be removed ten to fifteen minutes after applying the concentrate. The skin is softened to an extent where a small amount of pressure can cause the blackheads to come off. Use tissues, a blackhead remover or even your fingernails (not recommended!)

Although the difference in the skin can be felt from the first application, the concentrate needs to be used for roughly two weeks before any drastic difference can be seen. The concentrate is gel-like in nature and spreads easily, which is great because only one small blob is required for your entire face.

In short, a great serum that I would definitely purchase, once my samples finish.


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