Weekly travel theme: Spooky

This week’s travel theme over at Where’s my backpack is ‘spooky’. I knew there would be a Halloween-related theme coming up! I have plenty of pictures from my previous posts on cupcake recipes for Halloween, and here are some others of what ‘spooky’ is to me:

A Halloween display at 1Utama shopping mall, Kuala Lumpur

A beautiful Halloween-themed display of lanterns at the Penang night market

This is apparently known as a left-handed clock. I had never seen one before, and it messed with my head big-time – I started to wonder if I was going crazy before my friends took pity on me and explained just what it was. Just a tad spooky. (Excuse the awful quality, I had an awful phone)

My friend’s left-handed clock, in Nottingham

It’s all in the mirror! An amazing illusion which freaked me out, at Camera Obscura in Edinburgh

My spookiest experience – being lost in the mist during a cable car ride at Genting Highlands. Freaky!

Some more fantastic entries for this week’s theme:

Travel theme: Spooky

Travel theme: Spooky

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17 responses to “Weekly travel theme: Spooky

  1. I love the second photo, if I have a pathway that’s what I would probably have. But you really have hair-raising experience on the last photo.

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