A birthday tribute to my mother

I don’t really know what made me come here after all this time. In fact, with the way my 2013 has been, I’d almost forgotten that I even own a blog. I happened to come across another WordPress article, and about fifty minutes of browsing through the travelogues and ‘guesstination’ photos, I realised just how much I missed writing. There’s still another forty eight days to go before New Year’s Eve, but I’ve already made my resolution – I’m not abandoning SeamlessStyle.

My 2013 has been blessed – I’ve gone on five to six holidays, met some incredible people, and crossed some important career milestones. But all that’s for another day. Today’s post is dedicated to my beautiful mummy (I might be 23 but that doesn’t mean I have a mature /adult way of addressing my mother) who turns 50 today.

For the first time in 12 years, the whole family is back in Bangalore, India. We spent the weekend in Bandipur, a small town around 200 km from Bangalore, well known for its peace and quiet (as well as the wildlife safari. Not something you’d associate with peace and quiet, but that’s how it is). The safari was fun – the highlight was a baby elephant, just one month old, following the mother around and not daring to step out of her shadows. How adorable! And how fitting.

We’re not the type who do grand celebrations. Being Bangalorean has something to do with that, I think. So this is how the day panned out – late breakfast in bed, chocolate forest cake, a volunteering session at the local blind school, an Indian takeaway of her two favorite dishes, and an old-time Bollywood movie.

Below are some of my favourite memories with my mummy. Happy birthday!

Charles Bridge. Prague, 2011260044_10150684407765494_8278589_n

When I was still a pimply teenager. Kuala Lumpur, 2006 75_8639780493_3895_n

Bombay (or Mumbai, as it’s now known), 1992DSC00073 Diwali at home. Bangalore 20131441353_10153427417605494_916656645_n

Birthday cake. Bombay, 19911394433_10153431221620494_1356058452_n

Temple entrance. Beijing, 20131016496_10152925127905494_784342071_n

Turning one. ‘Twas a grand celebration. Bombay, 1991988750_10153431222675494_1431769381_n

Schloss Nymphenburg, Munich 2011

Ruins of St Paul’s. Macau, 2012246815_10152040478575494_1639126583_n

My first family wedding. Bangalore, 2012431121_10151214519435494_1763296417_n

4 generations – me, mummy, grandma, and my great-grandmother. Bombay, 1992525040_3970285942236_2134118691_n

The Mother’s Day collage I made, Mothers’ Day 200935895_3398809935693_1709779264_n

Mummy and me, then and now. Times may have changed, but not much else has. Left: 1990, Right: 2012309938_10152810551605494_1703575294_n

Today’s cake: chocoforest. Bangalore 2013IMG-20131113-WA0000

4 responses to “A birthday tribute to my mother

  1. a very Happy Birthday to your mum! Mother are oh-so-precious. love mine beyond words and that picture of the little you with you mum giggling..priceless! may she stay blessed, always!

  2. Such a lovely tribute – really hope you and your mother enjoy the day – indeed two cute and beautiful girls – best wishes from here… 🙂 🙂

    Great to see you back on WP… 🙂

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