Thanksgiving decor

Get inspired with new ways to decorate your Thanksgiving table with these lively ideas!

1. Wine bottle candleholders

Save old wine bottles to make elegant candleholders for your Thanksgiving table. Fill them with grains, rice and spices for that added traditional look.

2. Trifled nuts

Make an elegant centerpiece out of nuts and dried fruit by tiering them like a trifle dessert. Pair with gathered fall leaves for a naturally sophisticated centerpiece that is also edible.


3. Cookie jar vase

No need for a vase when you can repurpose ceramic containers you already have. Try a cookie jar and soup bowls as vases and ramekins as candleholders. Dahlias, marigolds, zinnias, calendula and artichokes will pop against the stark white vases.

4. Fall still life

Make a sophisticated tabletop design by taking a cue from Dutch Master Still Life paintings. Fruit, squash and gourds placed on cake stands can turn food into fine art.

5. Cone of plenty

Turn store-bought waffle cones into mini cornucopias: Just fill the cones with spiced nuts and put one at each place setting.

6. Tic tac crunch

Make a runner for the kids’ table out of craft or butcher paper and keep the little ones entertained with tic-tac-toe. Draw grids on the paper and use two kinds of nuts for X’s and O’s.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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